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Wayne, 34 ,Louisiana, Seeking penpals - I'll be brief on equine history. I bought, sold, trained, and traded horses off and on for years. I've been a farrier for fifteen years. Now i just keep a small client base. My children and  I live simply, grow most of our food and tend our goats and cows. Simple living is not for everyone, but i find the quality and quantity of time to be much more rewarding than what I get from the rat race. I'm an avid reader and a loving, caring, daddy, partner, and friend. I enjoy the world of ideas immensely, but put far more value in common sense, work ethic and not being scared of the dirt! As far as my sense of irony- the other day i couldnt find a calf and started to go buy a cheap horse up the road and i thought of our donkey. Swallowing my cowboy pride, i caught him, saddled him up, put the spurs to him and gave him a quick crash course. As i spurred this green donkey through chest high brush i was laughing and hoping no real cowboys would see me! I would like to get to know a lady before we ever went on a date.  Of course I'm looking for a lady who is caring, loyal, funny, etc. On a deeper level, however, I need true partnership; a lady with open eyes, good sense, and a love of learning and nature would be a lady I'd like to get to know. Email 8/8/16

Will, 59, Texas - I was raised on a ranch in west Texas, spent several years out of state and moved back to fill a dream of my wife 
and me.  We raised horses and did some showing.Eight and a half years into this my wife had a heart attack and did not survive.
Now I board horses for people who live in town. I am 6'3" 210 and am in pretty good shape, don't drink or smoke, love to dance,
although I'm a bit rusty. Email 10/22/15



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