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Peggy,76, CA - Hi...I am a single female looking for male company, mostly on a friendship basis. I have been a horsewoman all my life. I started (as many
do) with a pony at age 9. I have ridden in a drill team and shown in both disciplines English and Western. Owned and operated 3 different boardingtraining stables.
Currently hold 3 USEF licenses, Hunter/Eq/Jumper Judge and Steward. I manage 5 horse shows per year and Judge at 25 other shows. That is pretty much it in a nutshell.
Personally, I am 5'6, Red hair, blue eyes. Please do not contact me if you are not just looking for a friend first.
Email 2/16/17

Tracey Ramsden, 51, United Kingdom, Seeking Penpals - Horses are my passion and ride a 15.1 h gelding called Billy. 
He's fab. I've rode since I was 6yrs old but gave up when I started a family. I am now back in the saddle and loving it.
Email 12/13/16

Jonna, 54, Idaho - I am an avid horse lover, cowgirl and born again believer. I've owned and ridden horses since I was 8. I enjoy pretty much anything that has to do with the western lifestyle. I am looking for someone that shares similar interests to me. High on the priority list are honesty and integrity. Email 8/24/16

Joan, 53, AZ - Sweet and Savvy Equestrianne Seeks Horse Guy.  I've ridden since age 6, both Western pleasure and English (dressage, show jumping, saddle seat).  Nonsmoker, social drinker, spiritual but not religious.  No children.  Fit and active. Professionally, a trained paralegal.  I'm looking for a clean, tobacco-free, educated, non-tattooed countrified gentleman (or gentrified countryman).  Originally I'm from the South so am seeking someone well mannered and somewhat old-fashioned/chivalrous.  (Does that even exist?) A good sense of humor is a must. Impeccable character required. Email  6/6/16

Caroline, 48, IL - I am single and I use to break horses. The whole dating thing can be scary. I love cattle and  horse back riding. I am looking for an older man. I love to fish and rabbit hunt. My boys are grown and gone to Denver and the service, I still have a 10 year old daughter that is at home who I am teaching to ride  right now. I miss the touch and smell of a good man. Email 4/10/16

Thomila,64,Tennessee - Hi, I have had horses my whole life. I was a barrel racer and then I became one of the first female jockeys to ride in parimutuel racing. I rode Thoroughbreds and then went to quarters. I rode and trained racing quarters for 12 years and traveled to a lot of places to ride mainly out in Oklahoma. I live in Tennessee and still work full time in physical therapy.  After divorcing and retiring from the track a very long time ago I still miss it. I have horses, I had 3 and lost one this past year my oldest race horse. I now have 2 my retired barrel horse Bud whose  granddaddy was Secretariat. We just hang out here on my 7 acres. I built a small log cabin and just enjoy my dogs and horses. I'm very active and youthful no smokers and only occasional social drinks are all that I would talk to. And you must love dogs and horses. I work and work out and take care of my animals. I do like dancing and movies but I don't like
going places by myself. I'm easy to talk to about anything.
Email 1/11/16



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