We'll go by their first names only....

Last February I put an ad in Rural Singles that was very generic....it had something to do with the fact that I lived in the one county in the whole country with more horses per capita than any other and why couldn't I meet a man in his forties who was single and treated horses like Monty Roberts does? Three days later I received a very brief introduction from a man 6 hours away in Idaho, whose 19 year old daughter had seen my ad and had encouraged him to respond. It was just about his horses and what he looked like...I wish I had saved all those emails....anyway...I answered right back...and just like YOU GOT MAIL....we began corresponding once a day...then it snowballed to a few times a day...then, two weeks later, he called and we stayed on the phone for hours. A month later we met in a town halfway between where we each lived and we clicked. We also met a couple who had just gotten married after meeting on the internet 6 months earlier...and it was a Georgia/Washington commute!!! Things progressed well until the inevitable frustrations of long distance coupled with months of exclusive dating led to us inching towards a committment. Bob was scared....we broke up...it was hell..and 6 weeks later, we realized that we never wanted to lose each other and Bobby proposed. I had heard from other men in the beginning, but Bobby really stood heads above the others...we never would have met if it had not been for the internet and your listings!